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Download the Behance App. Showcase your work. Find new inspiration, hand-picked just for you. Download the Behance App. Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 (2007) with HD cutscenes Texture Patch 2.0 Arhum MK. DownLOAD DOWNLOAD MATRIXCN 720p HD RESIDENT EVIL 4 MOVIE PACK 2. All credit goes to Matrixcn for this one, I only provided a working download link. THE NEW MATRIXCN HD 720p CUTSCENES (VERSION 2) MATRIXCN 720p HD RESIDENT EVIL 4 MOVIE PACK download Hello, everybody! My name is Konrad and I'm sure you've never heard about me, however you probably know already what I do. I use various movie packs for my custom videos. In this video I talk about the most popular HD movie pack of all times - MATRIXCN - HD movie pack by Matrixcn. I'll be happy to help you with any queries, questions or problems. I'm always here. And I really appreciate you as a member of my fans ;) (Just a small reminder: Download my channel only for entertaining purposes, it's prohibited to download my videos for any other purposes, thank you very much.) Q: Extract key from index of a tuple in a list I have a list as below list= [('A', 'B'), ('A', 'C'), ('A', 'D'), ('A', 'E'), ('B', 'A'), ('B', 'C'), ('B', 'D'), ('B', 'E'), ('C', 'A'), ('C', 'B'), ('C', 'D'), ('C', 'E')] How can I extract the second element of the tuple from the list and store it in another list? I tried list.index('A'), but it gives a KeyError. A: You could use the enumerate function to generate a list of tuples (index, value) that you could use to find the second element: list[1:len(list)] = list[1:len(list)] + [(i + 1, j) for i, j in enumerate(list[1:len(list)])] Result ac619d1d87

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